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Toyota Car Care Products

Caring for the Toyota in your life

Like all things, your Toyota needs a bit of love from time to time to keep it looking its best. With a high-quality solution for every eventuality, our genuine car care products are here to help you keep your car looking as good as new.

Cockpit spray

This all-purpose cleaning spray is effective on a wide range of fabrics, reconditioning, polishing and protecting your car’s interiors.

Upholstery cleaner

A fast-acting cleaning foam that will keep your seats looking their best.

Car polish

Protect your car’s body with this top-quality wax polish that leaves behind a high gloss shine.

Wheel cleaner

Remove dirt and dust from your wheels and keep them turning with style.


This essential fast-acting formula clears windows and prevents further freezing, leaving you safe to take to the road.

Glass cleaner

This quick, fragrant cleaner is ideal for cleaning windows and leaving them smear-free.

Touch-up aerosol

With a touch-up aerosol for every Toyota, this light- and weather-resistant formula is the perfect way to touch up any damaged paintwork.

Touch-up pencil

Patch up small scratches and chips with this easy-to-use, environmentally friendly pencil that leaves a high-quality paint finish.