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The new MyToyota App

The new MyToyota app provides a set of connected services for your Toyota designed to make life easier. Wherever you go, using the app on your smartphone, you can communicate with your car to plan journeys from home, optimise your driving, regulate your car temperature remotely, and much more. The features available depend on your Toyota model. MyToyota app is designed for the future when it will serve as the primary point of contact between the driver and the vehicle.
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Enhanced experience

The new MyToyota app is easier to navigate than ever. With an improved user interface, you have the option to personalise your home screen and feature helpful information, such as your vehicle mileage or fuel level. The new app also gives you complete control of which notifications you receive so you’re always in the know with your Toyota.


Convenience in the palm of your hand

Hybrid Coaching

Learn how to get the most out of your Toyota Hybrid vehicle, drive more smoothly in EV mode and lower your fuel consumption.

Remote Climate Control

Switch on your air conditioning from the comfort of your home or anywhere else.

Vehicle Status

Check the status of your vehicle and be alerted if you forgot to lock your Toyota.

Find My Car

Quickly locate your parked Toyota, wherever you are.

EV Coaching

Learn how to get the most out of your EV through coaching tips on how to drive more smoothly and efficiently so you can further extend the vehicle’s driving range.

EV Battery Management

Keep track of your EV’s battery status.

Driving Analytics

Retrieve past trip data and receive guidance to optimise your driving style.

Warning Lights

Be alerted to any warnings in your Toyota.

Remote lock/unlock

Remotely secure unlocked doors or grant others access to your vehicle.

Charging Scheduler

Enjoy the ultimate convenience of remotely managing the charging schedule of your BEV or PHEV.

Public Charging

Makes charging your BEV or PHEV as convenient as possible. Verify the status of the battery, find available charging points, and schedule the charging of your vehicle.

Hazard Lights

Spot your car in a flash in busy car parks.
*Feature availability and vehicle specifications may vary among models and according to market. Please consult with your local Toyota Dealer and Owner's Manual for additional information.
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